Bathtub Replacements

“Choosing ReBath of New Hampshire for your bathroom remodel is      not only a smart decision but it’s also a decision of quality”

When you start thinking about remodeling your bathroom the first thing to consider is what type of bathtub you want.  Here at ReBath we offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles.  You can choose from deep soakers, spa tubs, safety bathtubs, walk in bathtubs, and corner jacuzzi bathtubs.

ReBath uses bathtubs that are made of DuraBath Solid Surface Polymer (SSP). DuraBath is a product that we pioneered and ReBath offers it exclusively (no one else has it.) The benefits of DuraBath SSP is that it is non-porous, it resists mold,  is scratch resistant, is very strong, very easy to maintain and it comes with a lifetime warranty.  DuraBath SSP won’t peel or rust, and unlike a porcelain tub it won’t scratch easily when you try to clean it. Fiberglass tubs are also inferior simply because of the lower quality materials in their design. Every fiberglass tub or shower base has a gel coat that protects the porous Fiberglass from water damage. Unfortunately, through normal use and wear and tear this gel coating wears away. It causes discoloration and premature failure of this product. We do not recommend fiberglass tubs, instead we only use high quality DuraBath SSP bathtubs that are guaranteed for a lifetime.


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ReBath offers a simple, stress-free advantage to the normal remodel.  In most cases you can have your new bathtub and wall system in as little as one day.  Our Certified Trained Installers will take you through each step of the installation and answer any questions you may have.  Once they are finished you don’t have to worry about a mess because they will discard of all the debris and clean every bit of the work area, leaving your bathroom beautiful and ready to use.  For a stress free and enjoyable remodel experience you can’t go with anyone else but ReBath of New Hampshire.